Poem: Manifesto of the soul

Author: Marija Lazarević

The human soul is in the midst of its own being
learned that the oil in the glass jar had ignited.
The activity of the soul, the truth of reason, perfection.
More powerful than proving, the first flash of truth.

Receiving or accepting the life given to us, the glorious.

A soul’s sense of something equal to it,
given without proof, in accordance with the law,
Uncontroversial, accepted and received by the whole soul.
Alienated and unharmed, understood what is pleasing to the Soul.

Unselfishly, respected and exalted.

The soul’s dreaming, calm and peace directed.
Abstracted from the impression, sleepless and not disappeared
The place of the soul on the path of strong restraint, foreboding.
Soul shaped, known and stored in the soul.

Inexpressible, unformed and incombustible, adorned with a soul.

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