Er Sandesh Ghimire

Nepali poet

About me

Er Sandesh Ghimire is an entrepreneur, engineer and author from Nepal. As an author, he has written articles for several international publications including Srujan Panicle (India), Homo Universalis magazine (Greece), Literary Portal (Balkan), Silk Road International Poetry Festival (China), ATUNIS magazine (Albania), POETRYZINE magazine, Dash Magazine UK, Revista Kametsa ( Costa Rica), Neuma Magazine (Romania), Meghala- Hindi Magazine (India), Reflectoem Literateur Rw (India),Sala De Prensa Magazine(Brazil), Poemame: Revista Abierta De Poesia (spain), Cultural Reverance Magazine, ILA Magazine, Punjabi Writer Weekly (New York), Litlight Global Anthology(Pakistan),  Enheduana’s literary garden, The Poet magazine (England) etc. His literary works have been translated into several languages and published. He is the author of books like “Peace and Harmony”“The Universe”, “Tirtha Raj Neupane: A Scouter’s Memoir” and “Summer Days”. As an engineer, he has published research papers in International Journals. He has served as the chartered member of Chitwan Central Leo & Lions Club, International Coordinator of Science Forum, International Coordinator of Srujanothsava and Coordinator of National Service Scheme (NSS). He is a life member of ARTDO International.  He is currently the chairman of property Valuators and construction-based civil engineering company “Capital Engineering and Architect Pvt. Ltd.”, Managing Director of Kalika Sanskarkulam Secondary School, Managing Director of Kalika Sanskarkulam Hostel, Chairman of Kalika Education Consultants- Nepal Branch, National Chief Secretary for Mother Teresa International Foundation (MTIF), Brand Ambassador and National chairman Nepal of Iqra Foundation, and director for the Kalika School International Advisory Board (KSIAB).


Er Sandesh Ghimire

Panamá Poético

Es un proyecto cultural sin fines de lucro producido por el poeta Edwin Chacón desde Ciudad de Panamá. Apoyamos a los poetas de la región con la difusión de una muestra de sus obras, conoce cómo obtener un perfil para ti aquí.

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