Poema: 13. Lyrics

Autor: Paul Zereks


A song for each day,
A tear for each night.
Prototypes for a butterfly
Which never took flight.

We had lyrics for a lifetime,
And then I died,
So, I went to create them,
As that’s the only thing I haven’t tried.

Many songs fit into these lines
And no one does,
Those lyrics are my evening friends
And when I try to sleep, they become foes

I saved a pic from every time we’ve seen each other
But I can’t write down every dream I’ve kissed you
Every friend who has told me “forget her”
Or every midnight, when I hated to miss you.

You, you, you,
That’s what this has always been about
From the day we were taking those pics
To “The Shining”, and the “Over and out’s”

There are no happier memories for me
And there’s just no more room in my heart
For a whole year, I tried to run away
But I think I just got hit by the dart.

Every time we ever smiled together
Comes through my mind whenever I try to write
Surprisingly, every time there’s one that’s better,
Just enough to keep this feeling alive.

Enough to burn my hands with every letter,
Always writing, always having to hide,
Feeling enough for two hearts, it doesn’t matter
Well, it didn’t, now I’ve already cried

Am I exhausted from these never-ending poems?
No, I’m sad because they never come true.
I’m tired of the burden of the lover,
whose lucky day never came through.

You’d always be the first one I would call
And normally, the last one to answer.
Still, your smile is always worth waiting
As it can turn any day brighter.

But every time my lips miss your forehead
And every time I can’t hear your voice
Everything else that surrounds me,
Just feels like a terrible noise.

I’ll always say I can’t love you better
Just as I’ve said a thousand times before,
It will happen again, when we’re together,
And one day you’ll read this, that’s for sure.

I wanted to finish this properly,
But as you noticed, I’m bad finding an end,
I will, when the whole story is over,
For now, I just want you to understand

I need you for the most beautiful poem
One that I just can´t write alone,
One that we’ll look back when we get older
And tell each other “Look how far we`ve come”

Lie under the stars in dreams of never,
Never ever stop laughing again,
Dreams of northern lights forever
While running through Europe in a train.

A dream where this poetry never ends
Just the way I’m about to leave it,
No further details are given here,
Take my hand, we just have to live it.

Poema publicado con el permiso del autor. Derechos reservados.


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